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Friday, March 19, 2010

oh la la!~

~ see? he's realy heartbreakingly cute! ~

_SalAm AlaiKuM !!!

_tad...sy tgk satu mv nih....n omg!!! y he has to be so heartbreaking n breathtakingly cute!!! dh le putih mlepak, body tough gle kott...huhu~ i wish i had a boyfie like him lah! unfortunately,,, dlm mncry boyfie yg cute n rich n pndai [hoho] sy x jmpe2 lag la pon la boyfie yg cute mcm taeyang....

_but...whatever. its just a dream lah. kalu dpt, alhamdulillah. kalu x...yg sdia ad ni pon baek gle,n sdap mta mmandg,pndai pon ye n most importantly dy briman....huhu~ bialah dy x cute mcm taeyang pon aslkn dy stia n dy ikhlas ngn sy....



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