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Friday, May 31, 2013

ini dedikasi untuk kawan.


in the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful,
may peace be upon you,! 

may Allah bless you, readers with good health and great day ahead. aamin. 


um, actually nk post entry dr smalam lg tp x ter post cause of lack of idea.
i mean, nak mengarang, msti la ada idea of phrase and sentence y kita nk guna en,?
semalam dah type separuh but then bila baca balik sangat la hambar.
sbb ditulis dgn hati y xda feel utk update mungkin.

so to whom spm leavers 2012,
congratulations upon your further study offers,!
while me, alhamdulillah,
dapat foundation in law di uitm merbok.
alhamdulillah. rezeki Dia bagi.

sebenarnya to be honest terkejut dapat foundation in law.
cause spm aku pun 5a ja.
5a ja.
zaman aku y ramai straight a+,
ramai straight a's,
ramai y lebih banyak a's drpd aku,
surely it's a tough fight. 
but somehow, with His will,
i got my first choice in UPU.
tu namanya rezeki Dia bagi.
or maybe in other words, 
hikmah di sebalik result spm y x seberapa.

cause there's always rainbow after rain.

have faith in Him.
trust Him.
lay your hope in Him.
do not once, regret for the sorrow happened to you.

"boleh jadi apa yang kau x suka tu sebenarnya kebaikan utk kau, 
boleh jadi apa yang kau suka tu sebenarnya keburukan utk kau."

as for my girlfriends, 
keyo, atifa, fimel, payuz and alia
i guess we all grown up now. 
and how i missed our moments together. 
geez i'm glad that i met you.
thanks a zillion guys,!
people come and go,
but some do stay. stays forever in our hearts and mind, 
even though we didn't not contact each other frequently but 
you're always in my thought and in my prayer. 
never missed your names.
cause deep down in my heart i just knew that,
i wont get any replacement of you all.
i wont meet the same friends like you do.
what a great friends y'all to me. 
i pray for your best and may we all get what we dream of. 
you know i love you. 

as for marini soleh, 

i miss you and i'll pray for you from far.
i'll never missed to contact you through my do'a for you, insyaAllah.
may you achieve what you dream for, kawan.
forget me not,
and you know i love you. 

as for 
aqilah abdul samad
siti nabilah,

aku xkan pernah lupa momen kita semasa f3.
momen paing manis sekali.
dan xkan sesekali lupa bond y kita pernah ada dulu.
semoga hangpa dua berjaya,
kenang lah aku dalam doamu,
semoga aku berjaya mnjadi seorang peguam,


as for 
imanina najwa dan farah aida,
thanks for a wonderful one year we've been a class mate and table mate.
dan jgn lupa kegilaan kita bersama.
so imanina jolie and farah aida,
semoga sukses ya,! 
kenang aku dlm doamu. 

as for 
amir zukri,
my great guy best friend,
promise me we'll never lost contact.
i'll always pray for your best and may you success in future ahead. 


hasrul reza,
semoga hang berjaya ke pelantar minyak ye,!

luqmanul hakimi aka squared,
semoga menjadi seorang engineer lah ye nanti. 

and for my other friends,
may you succeed. 

making decision wasn't easy. 
so does entering another new chapter in your life.
so does letting go the past and the people in your past.
so does meeting new people.

spread your wings guys. 


and may peace be upon you. 

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

here's to the awesome girl i know. :)

in the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most glorious.

nah. disebabkan awak manih, saya bg ni kat awak,  ^^,


hullo gegadis dan jejaka sekalian.

entry ni special for someone actually.
sbb semalam aku dah paksa dia buat entry pasal aku kat belog beliau.

here's to the girl who is growing up and blooming. 
i chose this unique roses to represents you. 
since you are still growing up,
with your uniqueness and strength,
i with no doubt predict that you will grow up to be an awesome lady someday.

dear zuraini izzati,
pesan saya kat awak, 
manfaatkan segala ups and down dlm hidup awak, 
cause the downs in yr life is what makes you strong and 
of course it thought you to be a better person.

as for your ups,
make it as your benchmark to better up yourself.

and dont forget to embrace your fear,!

walaupun kita x kenal secara mendalam,
(sbb sy kenal awak pun sbb awk adik aqilah n awk dlm team bahas)
but i knew that someday you will success in your life.


zuraini izzati
okay la juwaini. sy da xtau nk tulih apa ni. :3
jgn marah kay. 

nah lagi satu. utk awak.

tulus dr hati sy, seorg senior n seorang kawan utk awak. 

and may peace be upon you. 

posted by amalienaziyad. d[u.u]b