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Saturday, April 3, 2010

oh! i want all these things !!!!

~ heya! hum....now i want to tell u wt i want most in the world, bside PMR 9A's...most are gadgets, a car n a watch. hehe. i'm pretty crazy bout these things. i realy want these badly! god!

~ here are the things........

FeRRaRi iTaLiA !

GuEss WaTcH !!!

SoNY NaNo wALkMaN !!! [i realy want this!]

SoNY eRiCsOn W980 !!

Hp PaViLiOn !!

PsP 3 !!!

Ps 3 !!!!!!!

~ humm.....theres alot more i want but, these are the most, especially the sony nano walkman. huhu~ to get those things? i have to work hard ma! nothing will come free......wish me luck yah!


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