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Thursday, September 9, 2010

.:] Eidul Fitri [:.

.:} bismillahirrahmanirrahim {:.
-] Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh [-
ahlan wa sahlan ya asdiqa',
ahlan wa sahlan Syawal~!

.: RaYa ~! :.

actually....i felt sad becuase Ramadhan has left us. i'll remember every single moments i spent during Ramadhan with my friends and family. yes. Ramadhan, the peaceful month, the month full of barakah, the month where Allah closed all the hell's door and opened all the jannah's door. i'll miss this month though. i don't know why i felt like this but....i just felt so sad. maybe because....huh. sesungguhnya saya tatao knp sy rsa begini...but after all, i felt so grateful as i can celebrate eid with my family this year, alhamdulillah, thank you Allah. to be honest, i didn't feel the 'umph' or excite feeling to raya. i don't know why....perhaps because two weeks after my school holidays, i got PMR examination. so...it kinda....u know. it's important for me....but, i can't let that spoil my raya. Syawal kan bulan suci. syawal kan bulan kmenangan umat islam. i'm gonna celebrate with my family. but still i will not forget my pmr examination~ huhu~

dear friends, and whoever read my blog entries,
i, Nor Amalina Bte Ibrahim,
wish u Eidul Fitri, May Allah bless us all, amin.
i also want to apologizes to you all if i might hurt your heart or feeling, if i might be selfish to u, if i might scold u, if my writing hurt you, if anything i did wrong.....
do forgive me.
and....thanks a lot for reading my blog, and for accepting whoever i am.
terima kasih, syukran jazilan kasiran, arigato gozayamas, toche, merci, gracias, thank you.


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