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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

it's time for update. :D

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
oLa hey hello hye,!!!!
hehehehehehe......how long since i last update my blog ey?
long time. :) i know. sorry for that.
i'm just soooooo lazy to type and rant.....
but now i felt bad for leaving my blog and go on tumblr non-stop. teehe.
tumblr is fun,! but blog is the place where i rant....
okay. insyaAllah i will try to feed you up about what's happening and happened in my life.....
errr, this post. specially dedicated to my besties in bahiyah,
che aqilah abdul samad and others who still want to know how am i now. :)
and to aqilah, sorry for my long time no chatting with you. hehehe.
it's not that i forget you. how can i forget bahiyah when bahiyah had done a lot to me. :)
and so is my friends. no replacement for all of you.
especially ex-con bilik iqra' 3 last year kan,? :)

update 1 : Kubang Pasu Science School a.k.a KUPSIS

humm......i'm the third intake student with two other girls and two boys.
i'm in delta house, 2B11 room with other second intake girls at delta floor,
i only have 6 roommate, 6 form four, and 1 third intake form 1 in my room.
all my roommate are kind and crazy like me. teehe.
on the second floor wing b (delta wing) got 5 dorms (rooms).
in front of my dorm is delta form 2 student's room,
next form 2 is form 1, and in front of form 1, which is next to form 4's room (my room)
is form 3's room... another room is form 4 first intake and form 3.
what else you want to know? budaya?
hee, in kupsis, for aspuri, our timbalan ketua pelajar mewajibkan
aspuri go riadah when riadah time, while aspura, up to them whether they want to riadah or not. well......of course i don't like riadah. it's not that i'm lazy or anything....but it's because i prefer to rest after long tiring day at school and because riadah time finished at 6.15 evening. and aspuri warden usually insist us to empty the hostel sharp 7 o'clock. aw. cmon man. girls DO take time to get ready lah....... ye la, one floor already consists of estimately 80 and below girls. and in 45 minutes we must shower and get ready ourselves. tell you, it's not enough time lah. bukannya boleh main terjah camtu je shower....kena tender tender pulak. toilet pun org bantai mandi jgk, sbb nak make it sebelum pukul 7. kalau tidak...........kena nyanyi negaraku la. but depends warden jugak la. kalau ustazah..... ustazah siap round lagi pukul 7 dgn bawak hanger halau sesapa y ad dlm dorm bersiap lg. hahaha. but aku x penah kena lah mcm tu. :D ustazah x sempat hanger aku, aku dah lari turun dah. :D

dear aqilah and readers, this amalina ibrahim is a lazy and bad girl la. haha. hummm.....since in my room there's only 7 human.....we got 9 extra locker. aqilah tahu tak locker besar kat dorm 9 bahiyah? haaa, tu la, we all punya locker kan sorang sebijik besar tu. but i got.....another 4 extra locker. hahaha. it's not that i got so many things lah. :) lemme tell you. the friest extra locker is for me to put my beg, 2nd locker is for me to put clothes that didn't dry yet, 3rd locker i put my towel, and fourth, i put my school clothes to avoid them getting kedut. ye la. bukan senang ak nak iron baju sekolah kan..... :DD but not all 4 lockers i own it..... i shared it with my other roommates too, of course. :) we just lazy to walk to ampaian and afraid of it might rain or the wind blew so strong and the last thing we want is our clothes and towel is on the roof. faham kan? :D hum..... if nak cuci baju tu.... takde masalah.... selalu je dpt turn machine. kekadang ad jugak la org pedajal aku, potong turn machine. but jarang la.... hum.... weekdays morning usually i wake up at 4 a.m. shower myself, kekadang amik kesempatan humban baju dlm machine, tender shower utk roommates y mmg liat nk bgn pagi, then gerak diorg sruh mndi, then i get dressed in school uniform, pastu terus bantai tdo balik. hehehehehe. dear aqilah, you know i'm a lazy person. and i'm so lazy to queue shower behind people right? that's why la aku berusaha bg awal utk elak tender menender kena potong turn pegi sekolah lmbt nnti. hehehehe. but lately i woke up late. maybe because i'm tired kut. oh and oh, my roommates and some sigmarians f4 do call me "mak", just like bilik iqra's students last year. :) hahahaha. um.... wanna know who is sigmarians eh? well, aspuri and aspura got two wings. delta wing is next to sigma wing... and i kinda close with aspuri sigmarians f4 second floor dorm.. diorang gila and nakal cam aku jugak weh,! HAHA. :DD but i don't close with aspuri sigmarians f4 yang duduk dgn seniors kat ground floor dorm.... oh and oh, seniors fivers stays at ground floor dorms. all of them except timbalan kp. terlepas dduk 1st floor, wing gamma house. kalau ground floor....semua house ad sbb consits of all senior fivers. tp ad je y mix ngn juniors.

hmmm......if weekend.....on friday morning we got prep. 8-10.30. tp selalu je me, my roommates and some sigmarians f4 2nd floor ngelat. teehe. turun prep lmbt. :) ngalahkan aspura je. and usually we, kupsis students dapat outing on second week. aspuri on friday while aspura on saturday. helleh.....if kitorang outing pun.....kat jitra je... nk g alor setar jauh sgt. but me..... is another story. :) aku balik rumah je bila outing. hehehehe. but now, since result teruk, outing human human y result tak melepasi target disekat. including me. haha. for 1 month je kut....entah. emm....if not outing week, aspuri got usrah during afternoon. masa solat jumaat la. bila sabtu pulak, free je. cuma ad inspection je. kena kemas dorm and wing sniri. kalau wing, ikut jadual je....kalau dorm, dr siling smpai la celah locker kena bersih. y buat inspection usually prefect fivers. but now since fivers kena p tusen pkoi 8 lg. trial prefek la kna bt. kekadang pk hem or warden betugas round sniri tgk dorm and wing....and kalau wing or dorm kat wing tak menepati ciri2, kena deduct markah rumah kut,! under 3k punya category. ==" sini just like bahiyah jgk la. before leave the dorm for prep malam, kena kemas dorm.... if the warden in charge that day is not satisfied with our 3k's in dorm and wing, sometimes after supper time we have to roll call at the hostel compund. until the warden say we can go upstairs, then only we can go upstairs. and usually 11.30 a badar lelaki will recite al-mulk using the microphone that can connect aspura and aspuri. after reciting the al-mulk,, we must light off. kalau nak study or siapkn hw y x tersiap wktu prep, kena pegi study room at first floor. humm..... oh and oh, kat sini.... i can say, nearly 24 hours in weekdays we wear baju kurung. serious. from morning to evening after prep petang, wktu riadah pkai shirt la.... mlm pkai lg bju kurung. heh. kalau dlu dduk bahiyah korang bising solat pkai bju kurung wktu prep malm panas..... x merasa lg kat kupsis ni ha. smpai ak dah immune la dgn kepanasan tuh. :D if bahiyah just solat jemaah waktu maghrib and isya, at kupsis semua waktu jemaah at surau. sodorm is restricted forbid. even subuh, we tetap jemaah. ngaaa.... mula2 mmg lah malas. lama2 dah biasa..... and after maghrib, if the warden in charge x amik masa utk beleter tegur ap y ptut, we recite the al-Quran. a page a day. y cuti kena recite al ma'thurat at bilik rehat dlm aspuri....

now i'm a trial prefect...... so pepagi aku duty pukul 6.45 kena round wing sigma, ask the students to get ready faster, make sure that wing is clean, the dorm is tidy up and make sure the students empty the wing before 7 a.m. after 7 a.m, they'll consider as late comer. after round wing, me and another trial prefect kena tulis report kat pejabat warden. if they tak buang smpah kat wing ke, kasut tak besusun ke, cadar tak cekang ke.... kena tulis kat report book tu lah. bnda2 tu la y nnti deduct house's marks. just like in harry potter la. :) and delta house is maroon colour. our animal icon is cheetah. teehe. and our badge is like gryffindor's badge kut. ^_^ gryffindor's kan maroon,~ :D and kat sini, pemakaian hand socks digalakkan, pemakaian stocking dimestikan. :) and ak kelab kebudayaan dan kesenian. can't believe i'm in that kind of club whilst i'm not even close to a "org berseni". haha. irony. still in police cadet. but kupsis's police cadet kinda lame a little. not a little. i mean, literally lame. no offense. haha. y aktif krs je. x kan ak nk masuk krs kut.? no way. humm.... to be honest... i missed bahiyah's police cadet. :( i missed the latihan kawad.... i missed to train the pelapis.... i missed to pumping and knuckle.... i missed to run around the school in barisan..... i missed to do the formasi..... i missed the kem pusat..... i missed everything about bahiyah's KPDRM. :(

but, what to say. this is the path that i chose. may Allah guide me. amin.

hmmm....what's more to update ah? hah,! if nak tahu siapa kwn2 ak kat sini....
here they are,

roommates : teh azilah (taiping perak), athira ahmad (ipoh kut,), athifa (kedah je), afiqah (s'ngor), syaril (kedah je) and syakirah form1 (kedah jgk).

paling rapat ngn si athifa gila and afiqah tu la. haha. paling gila athifa ngn afiqah... afiqah tu gila ngn comel. hahahaha. serious comel. ank bongsu aku tu. ^_^
kalau sigmarians, si fairuz comel tu, atiqah lawa, k-anne putih+lawak+gila, hajar si badar style.... gamma pulak si alia segak tuh. ngn ahli dorm sigma tu pun ak rapat gak... boleh je masuk mode gila ngn diorang. hahahah. si puteri bahiyah tu pun dorm sigma....

kalau boys.... ak x de la rapat, tp boleh sembang la ngn diorang.... bebudak kelas aku, and kelas waja. kalau kelas sabar, sorang je y penah sembang ngn aku... pastu kelas mahir pun syahmi sorang je..... ngn fivers? hmm.... y boleh sembang gelak bt lawak ngn ak pun.... fauzan wjadi si badar and si faris hashim tu. tu je.... oh. and ak agak extra rapat ngn fauzan wajdi tu. :)

people around me. ummm..... so far, nice je. :)

hummm....... if tanya pasal feeling ak.
tpu la kalau x rndu bahiyah. but.... takde la rndu sgt2.
to be honest ak mcm x de feeling je dduk kupsis ni.
seronok pun x, x sronok pun x. :)
regret pun x.
ak pun x tahu knp..... tetiap hr ak pegi sekolah beg ringan je....
ye la, buku smua tgal kat locker kelas. and roommates ak cakap ak ni mcm x de barang je. diorg tgk locker ak mcm x de barang sdg kan locker diorang mcm penuh sikit. haha. ye la.... ak nak hangkut ap lg bawak g hostel.... kan? :D and, locker ak, ak kemas okay. x de semak2. ak pun sakit kepala kalau semak2. haha. mcm biasa, locker ak msti la ad novels and comics. :)

i guess till here je kut.......
hope you get a brief of my life at kupsis. :)
i missed you all.
i missed bahiyah's kpdrm especially.
i missed 4sc3,
i missed to speak arabic, to learn syariah and to study quran sunnah.

fullstop. :)

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