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Monday, August 29, 2011


dear sengal's,
which is
noralia farida,
atiqah zahari,
fairuz fatini,
azizam zahari,
faris hashim,
athifa affin,
afiqah ismail

and fauzan wajdi, :)

not forgetting mardhiah sharif,

selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin dari hujung kaki sampai hujung rambut ikhlas dari
amaliena ziyad. hehehehe. i'm sorry for all 'ter terr' and for all 'sengaja'
sorry for all my dorkiness (including my hot tempered and ugly attitude)
sorry for all the words that might hurt y'all,
sorry for all promises that i did not do,
sorry for things i did that might hurt you,
pendek kata, sorry for everything lah,!
haha. and thanks for everything too.

love sengal's
love inche f.

with lots of love,
amaliena ziyad (mama chubby+hot)

may we be family forever,
may be peace upon you, amin. :)

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