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Saturday, May 11, 2013

here's to the awesome girl i know. :)

in the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most glorious.

nah. disebabkan awak manih, saya bg ni kat awak,  ^^,


hullo gegadis dan jejaka sekalian.

entry ni special for someone actually.
sbb semalam aku dah paksa dia buat entry pasal aku kat belog beliau.

here's to the girl who is growing up and blooming. 
i chose this unique roses to represents you. 
since you are still growing up,
with your uniqueness and strength,
i with no doubt predict that you will grow up to be an awesome lady someday.

dear zuraini izzati,
pesan saya kat awak, 
manfaatkan segala ups and down dlm hidup awak, 
cause the downs in yr life is what makes you strong and 
of course it thought you to be a better person.

as for your ups,
make it as your benchmark to better up yourself.

and dont forget to embrace your fear,!

walaupun kita x kenal secara mendalam,
(sbb sy kenal awak pun sbb awk adik aqilah n awk dlm team bahas)
but i knew that someday you will success in your life.


zuraini izzati
okay la juwaini. sy da xtau nk tulih apa ni. :3
jgn marah kay. 

nah lagi satu. utk awak.

tulus dr hati sy, seorg senior n seorang kawan utk awak. 

and may peace be upon you. 

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