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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SaD pLuS FeAr ???

Assalamualaikum !!!

~ oLLa !!! sorry cuz nina lme gle x upda8 blog nih! like always n same old reasons,,,i'm dead busy. ngee~ =))

~ ummm....week ni ad cer ap yek? rse nye x dek kot....just rintihan hati je lah kot. heheh~ okayh, hr ni, sy bgn dgn perasaan yg sgt susa hati n sad. people look at me, they said i'm happy. but deep in my heart, i'm scared. hello, check the calender will you? PMR is around the corner d. n i'm very2 sure, i'm not ready yet....huhu. sy sgt takut.....sy rsa mcm hdp sy skg suda x tntu arah doe. rsa mcm. kalu bleyh, sy mahu stopkn masa or slow down the time....have u notice that the time had been moving fastly? did u know that, masa berlalu dgn pntas adlh slh satu drpd tnda kiamat. haih. i admit, amalan sy x ckup lag d dnia pnjaman Allah ini....bsides, sy tkut sgt kalu x dpt straight a's, ksian mama n abh, kcewa. Dear Allah, please help me....

~ esok hr anugrah kecemerlangan skool. nnty sy upd8 laen. la tatao nk tulih apa. sorry. ngee~


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