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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SaD pLuS TiReD !!!

~ Assalamualaikum !!!!

~ oLLa !~ duh, i just got back from my hostel....theres something happen to hosteller that had forced the admin to let all the hosteller go back home early....nah, its not as exciting as it sonud lah.....for ur information, i was soooooo tired and sad ! y???

~ here are the story,
- this mornig, during the first period at school, math subject. my partner asked me, "amal, did u had stomachache from this morning? " and honestly i answered, " nope. y? " my partner replied, " cuz so many form 3 hostellers had stomachache from this morning lah...i had it too..." then i just said, " ouh....mis eat kot...." dy kta " tatao lah....ak bru cirit jek...birit x lag doe...hehe" hahah~ sakit2 pon depa dan lagi wat lawak noh!~ huhu~ wateva lah. the main point is, after that diorg wat survey form 3 hosteller dr klas laen plak....sape2 yg skt prut sila tulis nme....

~ luckily, i n some of my friends didnt had the stomachache.....my reason is i didnt took my dinner n supper yesterday....so kiranya ad hikmah la i x amik dinner n supper....huhu, alhamdulillah~ btw,,, things get worse when most of my friends get fever. hot fever babe! no kidding...their temperature perhaps can boil something d pa....i pitied my friends. sebak gila tgk dpe tad! kesian gla! mata merah, jalan pn x larat suda....smpai ad yg kna cucuk ngn air garam tu lah....urgh! u can imagine how hurt it is when the MA cucuk jarum tu 2 kali babe...

~ n jadilah sy sbg co-nurse nursing kwn2 sy yg sakit....duh, it aint an easy work.... penat wo....kalu antibody x kuat, silap2 yg tlg tgk org sakit pn kne gak....haduih. bnda tuh merebak....yg x leh blah nye, one of the 'penjaga' said that the hosteller who sick maybe terkena dgn 'makhluk tu' sbb seronok sgt ke semalam....duh. dey teach! ini zaman moden...mmg la ptut pcy bnda tu wujud but, slagi bnda tu bleyh difikir mgikut logik akal n science, bleyh x jgn pk yg bukn2? duh.....

~ guess story smpai sni je la kot....need to sleep. esok skool ! tQ !!


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