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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bahahaha~ Spain Lose to Swiff???

gi-la x pecaya!
spain kalah ngn swiff???
bkn spain ni [like my cousins always said] hebat~
ngeh~ i dont mind pn depa klah ka mng...sbb x mnat either swiff or spain~
but. x sgka la! tobat cousins keciwa tahap x igt laaa~ tap x mao ckap besaq! kot satg
south korea lawan ngn argentina, south kalah! mao cek nangeh plus kna gelak berguling guling ngn cousins cek! haha~

pe pon! this upcoming game!
south korea lawan argentina!
go go chaiyok south korea!
go go chaiyok Park Ji-sung!!!!
hope south dpt skor 2 whilst argentina 0 !



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