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Monday, June 14, 2010

saya memang C.E.R.E.W.E.T. ~

post bnda ni sebenaqnya sbb ksian kat che abg yg byk tlg sy nih...
aaaa....dont misunderstood! dy just che ang jekkk...x lbih dr tuh~ haha~
byk dy tlg cri layout lah, tlg wat lah...mcm2...tap kalu sy x pusa hati, slagi x puas hati tu la sy 'prosah' smpai sy puas ati~ haha~ yup,, mmg sgt cerewet! kalu bleyh,, mmg nk suma perfek! tmasuk lah layout blog nih! hahah~ pnat dy adjust bag background tuh mcm yg sy bekenan~ tgk2, still, x puas hati gakkk...ngee~ haha~ what to say, its in my blood~ =)) sorry~ ngee~


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