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Saturday, February 5, 2011

hingaq pa.

tulis dalam keadaan marah dan geram.

hang hingaq pa.
bising bising bising.
tak reti ka nak ckap elok2,?
ha,? hang tau dak oqg meluat hg cakap mcm tu,?
aku ni geqam gila bila hg cakap mcm tu. cam oqg gila ja.
grrrrr... kalau la ak hilang sabaq, dah lama dah ak kojaq lepas cakap camtu ja.
grrrrrrrrr. n i want to say. i REALLY dont want to go back to kedah.
seriously. =,=

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  1. hehu, this is my rant, and i'm totally not planning on humiliating other people who i'm talking about. so, let just say, it's my personal problem okay,? :)