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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


*this is me and andra radhy*
errk,~ ap kna mengena ngn post nih,? =="

weho. happy chinese new year ~
ak tgh cuti skg nih. hehehe. esok balik kl. uhh, lama gila ta balek kl,!
gonna meet up with abin and izzati, hehe,
rite, lepas post ni nak packing barang cuz mlm ni balek png tdo umah maktok. :D
esok pepagiiiii lagi betolak g KL,!

:DD i miss my hometown. :)

maybe u thought 4SC3 is a last class because of it's number "3" kan,?
well. lemme tell u. 4SC3 is a very special class in upper form in bahiyah's.
BECAUSE 4SC3's original name is 4 Science Agama. 3 because there's 2 class of science stream class, and one science agama.
we are...special u know, because we learn 11 subject, means 3 additional subject and minus one subject in ordinary science stream subject. we don't take Pendidikan Islam,
not that we don't learn abou islam but we take Syariah Islamiah, Quran Sunnah and Arabic Language. see. we learn MORE about islam than other class such science stream class and science social class. and we learn one extra language that is arabic language or lughatul jannah and lughatul quran. haha. usually, first impression when some people said she want to further on arabic language in upper form : "eh, tak susah ke,?" "susah la, taknak lah amik arab" and bla bla. i want to make a confession lah. belum belajar dah susa,? duuh. it's lughatul Quran.....takkan taknak tahu walau sikit,? kalau english tu, beria ria la pulun blajaq. bhs quran takmau. balajaq mendalam skit pasal agama ja rasa berat,. knp plu rasa cmni kawan,? kenapa,? okay lah,. malas na comment further on. i'm not pretending i am angel or alim or "baik" or something, but lets learn more in our religion. cuz....who will learn about syariah and quran sunnah if not we, the muslim. if u learn the 3 subject, u will find it sooo interesting. i promise u. cuz i used to decide not to further on science agama. but when HE gave me a last minute sign to further on science agama in bahiyah(i do istikharah to help me choose what course to pick) and i learn on arabic, syariah and quran sunnah, i felt i have fall in love with the 3 subject. trust me. its worth kalau belajar ilmu tentang islam. its very worth. aku nak explain kenapa budak2 y amik sc agama ni special pun, ak tak reti. sbb tak tergambar. kalau korang amik sc agama, korang akn rasa syukur sesgt. :)

okay la.
ak malas nak type. plus, takde ap y nak rant on.

jmpa lagi insyaAllah.

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