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Friday, March 4, 2011

miserable. X_X

okay, it's been long time i didn't update,
yela, usually i rajin update kan. haha.
i've been busy with my life,
now, i feel like a tornado melanda diri
sebab rasa diri sangatla miserable. hahaaa,
yeah, alhamdulillah,
hri tu baru je pegi ujian kemahiran menembak,
dapat la gak 20 markah, alhamdulillah. hahaaa,
tak puas kut menembak skali jek... nak menembak lagi,!!!
okay okay, pastu, now busy with latihan kawad and preparing text bahas.
yeah. pertandingan bahas lepas cuti sem nih, and kawad lak,
between 2-5 may ni.
well, there's a interview for kenaikan pangkat.
unfortunately, i'm not lucky enough to go. because i'm not good enough.
because its not my rezeki yet, because. entah.
yes, i admit, i'm very disappointed. very disappointed.
cause it's like, my dream. sriously.

but, okay lah. tukar subject pulak.
alhamdulillah, baru lepas test.
this is my result :

bm : 85(kut)
math modern:96
add. math:40
quran sunnah:63

conclusion : 3 A+, 3 A, 1 B+, 1 C, 2 D, 1 E,
takde gagal. hahaaa.

paling suka kimia dan math mode lah. add math pun suka jugak. tp maybe tak ckup latihan kut, trus dapat D. takpe lah nina, usaha lagi. :DD
tapi bio uh. mmg lah. aku paling tak suka bio. bohsannnnnn.
haha. srius. aku mmg takde bakat la jd doctor nnty. :DD
alhamdulillah. ak besyukur dgn ap y aku dapat. :D

btw, now dah ketagih tumblr.
tumblr, tumblr, and tumblr.

oh oh,
my cousin just passed away on 3/3/2011.
he's just 33/35 years old.
male, married and had 3 children.
he is a good son of my makcaq,
good cousin, love to help people,
very dedicated worker,
a super chef at loh guan lai hospital,
and he just got back from performing haji.
masya Allah.
he applied to be a chef for tabung haji at Mekah when Haji's season came,
and he got it. so, while he work, he can also perform haji.
lucky isn't he?
but, maybe Allah loves him.
so He takes him earlier than his mother.
what i can say is,
doesn't matter you are young or old,
if the right time comes, you will die.
see, young is not a guarantee for you to be forever young.
and....when i saw his face, it looks like he's smiling.
oh, he died because of accident.
i kinda pity of his children cause, all of them are so small to understand. :/
i felt so lucky that i still had parents to raise me up. alhamdulillah.
and, bila kita baik dgn orang, orang akan kenang kita walaupun kita dah takde kat dunia ni.
like my arwah cousin, his boss, chinese men and women even came to his house at balik pulau,
just to visit him and his poor mother and wife.
i can't even bear the sadness when i saw his wife. pity her. :(
yela, yesterday you was talking to them,
and who knows, the next day you wake up,
they are gone forever. kan? :/
al-fatihah to him.

okay. guess smpai sini je kut. malas ah nak type lagi. hehe. :DD
okay, mahu minta tolong sikit je.
tolong doa bagi pasukan bahas sekolah aku menang, insyaAllah,
and pasukan kawad skolah aku menang. :D
thanks to all, may Allah bless you. :D


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