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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


holla. okay, now i kinda less fb cuz fb getting really slowwwwwwwwwwwww
and i'm rock and roll at my tumblr,
laugh out loud till i shed tears,
attacking people's ask box,
and watching hilarious utube channel.

want to watch too?
i can give u their link but i don't guarantee that u will like them or not,
cuz hey, everybody has their own taste rite?
okay, ni link matluthfi. mmg best dia nih,!
then this is his friend's link, anwarhadi,
then this is kingsley's link, he's very famous in tumblr. and i like him.

enjoyyyyyyyyy your holiday,
and, and, and, i don't like rebecca black.
because of her freaky friday song and her music video.
really rebecca? really?? well, justin bieber do way better than her
when usher discovered him. okay. stop about her.
i'm not going to make her become famous. haha.

okay. i jus left my tumblr for a few minutes just to type this post. and now it became 100+
haha. till here, wassalam,!

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