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Friday, April 29, 2011

I'M HOME !!!!

bismillahirrahmanirrahim, assalamualaikum w.b.t,~
okay, okay, enough of laughing. teehe.
yeah, i'm home baby, not at kedah,
but at my beloved hometown, KL !!!!
weeho, act, i didn't know even the slightest clue that my parents planned to go kl,
so.... i take this as a surprise. teehe.
alhamdulillah, i'm soooooo happy like crazy,
can't wait to play nintendo wii with my crazy cousins,
meeting my girlfriends here, and most importantly,
meeting my wonderwall. :D

perhaps all sbp bbm (balik bermalam) on 28&29 (depends on which state they studying) kut. cause this week got an extra day of holiday. a day je pun. but, i think it's enough. :D to be honest..... i missed bahiyah and especially 4sc3 (4 science agama) like crazy, i missed kl so much, and i missed my wonderwall more than ever. :')

haha, okay, there's a lot of unbelievable things happened to me lately. yeah. i am now a student of Kubang Pasu Science School a.k.a KUPSIS. yeah. it's a new SBP. i gotta say, of course bahiyah is A LOT more better than kupsis. but then to think back, i just stayed there a month, who am i to judge that school is no better to me? kan? cause, before i go, i make istikharah first. i am pretty sure that i didn't make a regretful mistake. insyaAllah. hohoho,~

so, this is a little bit of my info at kupsis,
i am deltarians, which is a maroon colour, (delta ni rumah sukan)
i am in 4 Fikir (the best class full)
my room is 2B11, means my room at 2nd floor, block b, number 11, delta's floor. :D
and i'm in kupsis's bm debater team.

tu je kut. i don't know what else t say, LA. teehe.
oh oh, i'm a bit kuruish already,~ alhamdulillah. :D

last night was a wonderful night.
i'm over the moon.
i'm rocketeer under the shining skies,
under the blazing stars,
like i take an extacy,
i'm high, my heart felt like wan to explode,
haha. okay okay. enough of that.

my wonderwall called last night. sbb tu la. over the moon. :D

dear A.M.A,
je t'aime and vous me manquez forever.
miss A.Z.

okay. till here je kut. no idea what to rant. hehe.
wassalam. :D

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