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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

move on :)


assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh youolls. 
it's been awhile since last i update my dear blog.
well, bukan kemalasan tapi laptop hantar pegi kedai untuk upgrade. 
jd slama ni online twitter pun pkai ipod ja.

okay lah....
hmm....hari ni baru january 8 2013.
on january 5th, i had a blast outing with mr.f (yes, my ex but we're a close friend now) and my dear atiqah zahari and my little sister si dalila yang comel tuh. :3
though actually is not a total blast because i somehow ruined it half of it.
but i wannat thanks f and keyo. 
i apologise for my stupid behaviour that day. :)

anywayyyy. it's still new year kan kan kan.
so...basically, this entry is about my grudge actually.
em, the grudge and hatred that i held for almost two years.
baru hari ni kut rasanya nak let go perasaan tuh.
x tau kenapa. :)

hatred and grudge that i held towards zenith gen.
my senior in KUPSIS.
to be honest. smpai la ni x bleh lupa lah apa y jadi masa f4 tu.
tapi yang buat tu....some of them ja.
tp y aku held hatred ni smpai smua dlm batch zenith aku bencikkkk.
walhal diorang x besalah pun. :)

so here i am, 
serendah rendahnya ego ku turunkan,
nor amalina binti ibrahim (yes, this is my real name)
ingin memohon ampun maaf kepada sesapa y terasa dgn saya dulu.
dan sekarang.
hoho. bukan bemaksud nak bitch dgn smua orang.
just i had a phobia. cause i never met someone as mean as them in my whole life.
yes i admit, 
i do have my own crime, mistake, sin, you name it.
but i also didn't get a proper justice back then.
and because of that,
i held hatred against them all.
but all the hatred won't help me in anything pun.
in other words. it's just a useless feeling.
not even a good one.
and after a while. nak masuk 18 dah ni,
bru la i came to a realization. how idiot am i,
for helding a hatred and grudge that didn't even gave me any benefits.
and i didn't get a full peaceful life while my heart full of anger, hatred and grudge against them.

jadi tetiba malam ni rasa,
it's time to let it go amalina.

so i made move to knock knock on abg zakri and kak afaf punya twitter.
it's not so bad at all though. 

to forget the past tu mustahil.
forgive my self and begin again tu ya.

so people out there, if you are helding any hatred feeling or grudge or anger against something,
let it go with a positive thinking and put your trust fully in Allah.
because...trust me. this hatred feeling will train you to get mad easily yooo.
and the most important is, those feelings ain't giving you any peace.
belajar memaafkan macam nabi Muhammad s.a.w.
besides. everything happen for reasons. 

and may peace be upon you.

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