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Saturday, December 17, 2011

if Allah wants it to happen, it will :)

assalamualaikum and good day peeps, :)

humm, i found this good picture on my tumblr which is http://amalienaziyad.tumblr.com/ [you can follow me if you want, :) ] now, i would like to dedicate this quotes to my dear friend, anis syakirah or adik. it's been a long time since i last saw adik. and i missed her so much. :'( so...lately i'd been texting with her and she told me that she and her most beloved pet sister had broken up. and she was so sad about it. i knew she love her so much and it had cuse her so much pain.......hemm....aku rasa ad hikmah y maha besar kau experience benda ni. i mean, mana tahu kalau next time you experience the same thing, so you will know. kan,? quoting the quotes, "if Allah wants it to happen, it will happen" mcm y hang ckp kat aku....kalau x jd mcm tu hg x knai la dy tu mcm mn kan,? hee, la ni ak hope hang dengan kakak tu bahagia okay. :) pasal benda lama and benda benda y ak buat smpai hg sakit hati ke, aku minta maaf okay. i missed and love you for a thousand years. ;)

p.s semoga hang terus kekal cantik comel jelita. :)

*adek tercinta* :)

so....the conclusion is, live your life and love your life, and jgn lupa, Allah kan maha adil, what goes around comes around. :)

may be peace upon you. 
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