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Monday, December 26, 2011

wishlist 2012

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps,! 
hemm....it's 16 days more to my birthday...but i think i'd already have my wishlist.
hoho, saja syok sendiri buat wishlist ^_^

- novels (dah di fulfill oleh abah and mama, :) )

iPod touch 4th gen with 200 new features 32gigs 
- iPod touch,!!!! (uhhh, i'm dying to have this,! ) 
- new purse ( yeah, i need to grow up and have a more mature purse )
- a pair of heels ( which will give my friends heart attack as i wear sneakers normally)
- cool sling bag from tropicana life ( but this one can wait )
- nikon d7000 ( which, can wait too )
- any phone that have android os. ( next 2 years perhaps )
- shawls ( this, can wait too ) 

hemmm....aku rasa tu je kut whish list aku. hohoho, i'm not hopin all the wish to be granted tapi just having fun listing my wishlist ja. :) all that matters is alhamdulillah kalau aku hidup sampai next year dan amik spm. 

p.s HAPPY BORNDAY HAZIRAH,!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
love ya, and may Allah bless you with prosperity and straight a's spm. :)
nah, aku bagi cake ni kat hang for free ja,! XD

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