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Sunday, January 2, 2011

iT's Schubert Serenade.

Allah, Allah, Allah,~
i'm falling in love with piano once again,!
can't believe it tau,! cuz it's been three years since i last touch a piano.
huhu. dlu masa mula mula play piano saja saja.
blajar fingering je. tu pun amanda, christy and chrystal y slalu ajar
masa study at mgs, penang dlu. ye la, lpas upsr, tader bnda blajar men piano la.
phew* piano mmg best.

tp tu la. since form 1, tinggal piano.
lupa and minat pun mati sama.
tp tak tahu knp. lately...
tiba tiba ja search schubert-serenade kat youtube.
hummm...so far aku suka pachelbel canon in d major,
and schubert-serenade.
ad org usik, *amalina, since when kau minat classic melody nih,? =="*
but..idk why...but i'm falling in love deeply into schubert-serenade and pechelbel canon in d.
walla~ humm...hope dapat go on piano. tp tak tahu la. sbb tader music shop y berdekatan.
but i know i would like to learn piano again.
insyaAllah one day i will go on my piano thingy. haha.


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