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Monday, January 17, 2011

pujuk lah hati ini :'(

ya Allah....kuatkan lah hati ku....
untuk menempuh kekecewaan y maha besar bg aku.
bg lah aku kekuatan.
aku percaya setiap y berlaku psti ad hikmah.
ak percaya pada Mu
aku tahu susunan Mu y terbaik utk hambaMu...

ya Allah...guide my steps don't let me go away,
please show me the way,
i feel so hopeless, so disappointed,
Allah, please give me some strong,
to face this challenges....
i believe in You,
i believe in whatever the best that You had give me,
please Allah, comfort my heart,
so that i will go on build my spirits,
to continue learning................

after all.

dear readers, do doa for me.
its my biggest dream for now.
insyaAllah amin.


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