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Friday, January 28, 2011

my inspiration in hijab style. :DD

yuna zarai yang SUPER AWESOME,!
Hana Tajima yang SUPER CUTE,!

Maria Elena yang SUPER COOLIO,!

weehoo,~ tomorrow is holiday,~ homework can wait,~ :DD
please dont follow my bad habbits : tangguh homework. hahah.

okay. post kali ni nak cer pasal shawl fashion inspiration.
hehu. lately i'm always checking out yunazarai's tumblr and hana tajima's tumblr after, i saw this how to wear a shwal like me clip at yunazarai's tumbrl. the clip is by maria elena is greek helen ye,~ wallawe,~ i gotta say, hana tajima simpson, yunazarai and maria elena is a SUPER COOLIO muslimah, who wearing hijab,! they are of course SUPER BEAUTIFUL and expert in muslimah's fashion. once i found maria elena is greek helen's blog, terus je check out style yuna and hana tajima,~ seriously, mmg minat yuna but tak care sgt style dy, lepas tgk blog maria elena, jadi inspire by the,. weehoo. they can success even they wear hijab,! they also look extremely beautiful in their outfit,! :DD hehe. nanti nak pakai hijab mcm diorg.

to those who interested to check out blog diorg, here are the links :
and also, :
what i know till now is(i've been busy like tornado doing my homework during school weeks. and i had loads of homework too on my weekend, so i kinda have no time to browse and selidik about hana tajima and yuna,) Hana Tajima is a designer at Maysaa London, usually her video and web is under stylecovered. hehu. correct me if i'm wrong. XD

hope u have fun wearing hijab,! but please, wear hijab correctly cuz sometimes i can see, some gilrs wear hijab but her hair fall out from the back, or her blouse/shirt have lower necks and i can see their back. tutuplah auratmu dgn betul, dan tak salah berfesyen selagi tak menyalahi syara'. :)



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