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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

baby saya,! :D

assalamualaikum,! awww,~ look at him,! COMEL kan.
hehe, this is my baby, errr, not MY BIOLOGICAL baby ye,
ni, makcik hot dy tu besties sy, army. hehe,
nama dy UMAR FIRAS.
gagagaga, melihat muka comel dy,~ haih,
tader baby y boleh lawan kecomelan dy, :DD,
saya moyang agkat dy, moyang rock,
wawa lak nenek agkt dy, nenek slumber,
army lak, his BIOLOGICAL MACEK, macek hot,
adah,? err, qistriadzakma ad jawapan tak,? hehe,
peace be upon u umar firas,

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