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Thursday, December 9, 2010

nak jadi mcm 'dia'

i'm super crazy at them,!
Maher Zain is the number one,!
My Chemical Romance is certainly the number two,!
Breaking Benjamin is undoubtedly number three,!
The Rasmus is number four,!
Muse,! number five,!
Evanescence is on number six,!
Avril Lavigne number seven,!
Linkin Park is number eight,!
Good Charlotte is number nine,!
Basshunter,! number ten,!!

icould 'goreng' guitar mcm MCR,
'ketuk' drum mcm BB,
'melalak' mcm Avril Lavigne,
'tekan' piano mcm MUSE,

apa pun,
aku jugak wish nak jadi macam,
Fatimah Az-zahra;
puteri Rasulullah, :)

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