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Saturday, December 25, 2010

she is IZZATI,!

holla holla,
okay okay, lately, byk contact balik ngn
ver old friends from old school.
tu lah gunanye fb kan kan kan.
boleh in touch balik ngn old friends. hahah

i'm shock though to find that my old friends
really remember me as i remember them,
walla,! alhamdulillah,
haha, abin tayah kate lahh, dlu penah lepak ngn dy kat mcd,
when was that ek abin,? when we were standard six aye,?
entahh, ta igt dah, :)
but abin dah laen lahh, so are hazim, paan n alif,
u all grow up more handsome and brilliant semua,!
not to mention the girls,
raudah, khalisah and izzati,
aww, izzati,
haha, kinda surprised jugak lah to find her sooo excited to see my half face(my profile picture) and terus approve my request. walla,~ even my current friends had a hard time to recognize me, she, walla, just a second,!
eventhough we hadn't met for a long long time. :D
let see, our last met was my last day at kl,
she and raudah was my classmate,
that was like, 6 years, i must say, woa zati,~
haha, sgt terharu pn ad gak,
cuz she was like...u know,
raudah was wayyy diffrent,~ she went to tkc,
sgt hebat lah dy, but zati was diffrent too,
she treat me like...ap ek,? like emmm,
even though we hadn't seen or hear each other for six years but,
she treated me like i was her current friends right now,
haha, touchy, biasanya old friends don't interact like bru smalam tak jumpa kan,
even my last clique at png didnt treat me like that. :D
alhamdulillah....she got 9A's tau,! haha,
serious, she IS my sister, my besties IS my sister. :)
can't wait to see her and hangout at mcd, nak belanja dy mcflurry,~
ahaha, and na date ngn abin gak,! walla,~
rndu kat korang, :)
dear zati, i ain't a poet,
but i said what i feel,
honestly, ana uhubbika fillah, ahaha~
jangan asingkan saya ek sis,? :D
may we be friend till death separate us,
may we go to jannah together, amin.


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