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Monday, December 27, 2010

it's ANNO, :D

assalamualaikum to all readers. hehe.
beautiful ain't she,?
well, she appears to be my cousin's cousin. hehe.
i just known her through a conversation at fb.
where, it happens that we are same age.
walla, from that conversation, she add me n i app.
then we became close with my beloved cousin too, FARAH comel. hehe.
at one of my status which i tagged my cousin's name : SHAMIMI, and anno's name also.
now, from that status, we became more close as we joking and bullying along mimi. HAHA,
hoo yeah, i love her, she's rock and simple, stand for herself, never let pple critics her.
that's y iloikee her much. hehe. she's soo cute,!
ohhh, dont tell me she's not cute, or kau boleh belah.
hee, like i said, she's rock,!
someday, we will hangout watching movies together.
oh, i'm soo waiting for that moment. :D
i laughed out loud a lot with her.
but one i thing i don't know, whether she likes n comfortable with me or not,?
idk, haha, wtevr lah, she's so nice.


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